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character in "the wolf of wall street." and bradley cooper goes. as an fbi agent in "american hussle." >> i think we fell in love with him. he gets caught up in this world. he does not have the tools to deal with the high ambitions of the feds, which is to glorify the fbi and takedown white-collar crime. it gets the better of him. you watch this man go from innocence to wisdom by the end of the movie, which is an inverse reflection of christian's character, the opposite. he is a perpetual child, 15 years old, wants to be a man. he comes across people who seem larger-than-life. how do you think this works, stupid? >> if you could not call him stupid, you work for him now, so be nice. >> tell me about what happens to richie and what he was going through as he was falling in love? >> he did not see that happen -- that coming. you see that happen when you are 15 years old and want to hang out with the older kids. as he gets there, it is overwhelming. what he thinks he can handle, he cannot. one of those moments, he starts telling amy adams, i love you. and she kisses him back. she gives him wha
's american hustle is a sweeping tale of two small town conartists. they're forced to help the f.b.i. and get entangled in a world of new jersey's mafia and political corruption. it has lived ten nominations. alexander payne's nebraska is a poem about a father and a son through trial and error they learn about each other while being reminded of the finality of life and the importance of relationships. martin scoresy returns with his comedy the wolf of wall street. this film is a rock through the greed and excesses of the financial world. this is his ninth career nomination. and alfonso cuaron, his film gravity also secured ten nominations. gravity is a 3-d space thriller about loneliness, courage and the will to live. >> the funny thing is before we start writing the thing we talk about space. so we defined that it was going to be adversity. we were talking about the scenario, the possible scenarios and that it was going to this image of an astronaut to the point. >> rose: how long did it take you to make it. >> total four and-a-half years >> rose: how much of that was getting the actors an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)